A Few Written Visions
Mervyn Seivwright
Deep Cobra's Visions

Dewdrops fall like tears upon lilac blossoms of spring
A camera deep in memory formed stitched from down within
Like the texture of her face
Soft water feeling eyes
Her firm cheeks high & soul so rich
The lilac well defined

Rains drops furiously pouring
Entrenched in storming
Exhilaration like a gust of air
Heart pounding like the war drums
Lost speech, the memory blurs
Imagination of that fragment of time for touch
Your warmth deeper than sunshine
Bird’s feather closely twined
Enclosed in the comfort surrounding me

Vibrations, scared to touch her
Sacred blessed one, feel my hairs on edge
Hear myself quietly breathing, emotions bleeding
Mind is twisting just to find
An aroma of life to reach her
Flavor to compassionately, delicately caress near
Transition of my soul like smoke to internally pollute your heart

Brown rainbow colors reflect your shades of beauty.
Autumn breathes the blessings and essence of your soul
Leaves falling feeling your wind through my lungs
In hills and mountains, my mind soars off an eagles wings
Transitions of your changes adapting environments of the strength you possess
Yes, a tender touch of fall has the breeze rub goose bumps raising each small hair frolic
As this fragile leaf tickles your spirit

Bitter cold eases upon me
Feel the icicles fall on my nose and freeze
Wishing for your comfort, dreaming of warm touch
Voice to soothe my vibrations of this cold
Knowing I have earn each drop of inner passion
Knowing each of your seasons within your soul
Growing old in the mitosis of each second of life
Intertwined, blended and assured...seasons

Mervyn R. Seivwright © 2001


Outside difference
Multiple internal souls
Are we not all of human kind?
Clear Race

Mervyn R. Seivwright © 1999

What Can I Do?

What can I do?
When they are scared to leave home
Not on a trip
Not soldiers to war
Not off to prison
But to walk outside their home
Can't play outside their homes
They can't play
They can't learn in school
They can't understand what it is to be a child
What can I do?
When they cannot walk their streets, in a park, especially not after dark
They are always standing, walking, running, hiding scared
Hiding from the bullets that at will pass by
Hiding from gangs and the drug supply
Hiding from a single mother who is a loose dope fene
Hiding from the law who treats as guilty teens
What can I do?
When so many are lost
Our country counts kids at a certain economic rate
But this Holocaust number is far-gone
Who control the power to condition minds or communities, as it seems
Acting like demon to control souls or who can follow real dreams

What can I do?
To make a difference
Or affect this world I see
Can I just look in one set of eyes?
And one to be free
One step just to move forward
One step to maybe succeed
Maybe just one catalyst for millions
Or just one stalk with one bean
What can I do?
Is stop asking the question
And reach one by one by planting seeds

Mervyn R. Seivwright © 2002

Summertime Flow

Eyes close, rustling wind
Waves crashing, with a sting
Sounds of seagulls fight at flight
Searching, rumbling, for one small bite
Children's voices scream at play
BBQ, Smoking, mouth watering today
Radio fads to distant skies
I feel the heat of a sun so high
Dominoes hit the table, competition must be deep
Women close in gossip, about some people from last week
As I lay upon the substance, that is soft & unstable be
Let your eyes remain close, with your senses, see the vision I see
Small engine plane, is flying low
Or helicopter rides, showing scene from below
Heat has cooled, body is now drained
The sense that the sunset must be wrapping up the day
I feel a little hand rubbing me too & fro
Eyes open, my daughter's face tired, "Daddy, I am ready to go!"

Mervyn R. Seivwright © Trials Of A Stranger 2003

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