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Mervyn Seivwright
Deep Cobra's Visions
International poet, a nomad constantly traveling to touch and inspire hearts.
Mervyn R. Seivwright (Deep Cobra), is an English born Jamaican, that has grown up in London and Ipswich England, Des Moines IA, Syracuse NY, Miami FL to Knoxville TN. This being the foundation of experiences that inspired his poetry while still in school. He has traveled to over 30 countries performing poetry in at least one third of them. His first hand point of view in these real experiences touching real souls placing you in the visual images that are felt by others' everyday lives.

Deep thought provoking poet in the messages of life he delivers.  It has been said that he twist words to spin different messages you normally can not visualize.  Speaking many times, in third person, to have to walk in a path or life that you would not come across giving you a different perspective in the life you live. He has been told that he wears his heart on his sleeve.  He not only writes poetry, but lives the poetry that pumps through his blood stream.  He has been writing for the pass 23 years, performing poetry the last 14 years across the East Coast, South-Eastern regions of the United States, England, France, Slovakia, Netherlands, Saudi Arabia, and Germany. Opened for Def Jam's Comedian Bruce Bruce in Florida. 1st Place in Eindhoven's Netherlands Poetry Slam.  Finished in top 5 in the German American Institute Germany National Invitation Slam in Heidelburg Germany. Performing locally in Peterborough, Cambridge, Ipswich, Oxford and several well known events around London.

He has been currently residing in Japan after living in England andGermany for over 8 years hosting weekly and monthly poetry venues with his 2 CDs, "Shedding My Skin", "Breathe" selling over 1300 CDs out of his back pack between France, Holland, America, England and Germany.  He brings across persuasive thoughts, spirituality, joy, and just life as many feel it.  Mervyn also has 5 books titled, "Trials Of A Stranger",  "Through Their Eyez", "As Her Eyez Kiss", "Kaliedascope Paintbrush" and "Blood, Tears and Hope:  Poetic Expressions of the Human Condition" released in 2011 available on Amazon.com.

He has opened for Def Jam's Comedian Bruce Bruce in Eglin Florida. Feature artist to the Paris Connection, an ethnic art collective that holds dinner functions in Paris France. First place at Cafe Kraaij & Balder Poetry Slam in Eindhoven Netherlands allowing him to finish in the top 4 at the Netherlands national level for Eindhoven. Finished in top 5 in the German American Institute Germany National Invitational Slam in Heidelburg Germany.

Created a teenage poetry discussion group for 9 months in Bitburg, Germany.  Working with teenagers to creatively enhance their writing skills, thoughts and how it pertains. Requested to run a poetry workshop at RAF Mildenhall Library England.  Went to Aylesbury Young Offender’s (18-21) Prison for discussion and performance.  Great experience and growth from this event. 

In England he has featured in Peterborough, and featured for Gods and Goddesses Promotions in Cambridge. He has slammed poetry in Oxford at Hammer and Tongue.  Finished in the finals of the UK Stratford nation wide slam.  In London he has featured for Phenzology.com Production's Verbalized Minds 1st Anniversary, afropick.co.uk Soul Food's 5th Anniversary at the Bloomsbury Theatre, V.O.I.C.E. in Brixton, Nii Parkes's Aromapoetry, Something To Die For Productions, Brockwell's Stage Fright, opened at Kojo's comedy show, 198 Gallery in Brixton London England for Historicism, Brixtongue at the Brixton Arts Gallery, Spicy Winter Warmer at Cargo in Shoreditch, Just For Fun, HQ Bar, West Croyden, Sweet & Sour 1st Anniversary at the 291 Gallery, Speakeasy hosted by Baden Prince at 291 Gallery, and Mic Club at Plan-B, and the London Jazz Cafe.
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Mervyn R. Seivwright (Stage name:  Deep Cobra)
Location:  Dayton OH
Phone Number  is: 1-937-768-9331
Email: deepcobra@mervynseivwright.com